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United Community Bank Athlete of the Week: Lainey Sandberg



MINOT, N.D. – Minot High soccer player Lainey Sandberg said she’s enjoyed competing on the pitch with her playmaking teammates.

“We have a lot of chemistry this year. I think they know what runs us and the wingers are making. They give us perfect chips over when we make our runs, and it’s working really well,” said Sandberg, senior forward.

Sandberg’s ability to work with and without space has been a huge plus for the Minot attack.

“She’s always open, and I just give her the ball and let her do what she wants to do with it. It ends up working out pretty well,” said Morgan Perrin, junior midfielder.

She moves really well when she doesn’t have the ball to get herself in the spots to create openings for herself,” said Matt Pfau, Minot head girls soccer coach.

Coach Pfau sees Sandberg’s example rubbing off on her teammates.

“She’s been a great leader so far this year for us, and it’s just those little things that the younger kids see so when they grow up they’re doing the same things,” said Pfau.

Sandberg is headed to Minot State to continue her career, and said the Minot High program is in good hands with the Class of 2022.

“I’m excited for change. I’m going to miss them, but I’m really excited for the next stage of my life. It’s exciting to see where I’ll go after that,” said Sandberg.

Sandberg said she is thinking about majoring in criminal justice at Minot State.