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Mom turns down life-saving kidney transplant so that her 2-year-old daughter can have it instead



A mom has rejected the offer of a kidney donation from her husband so her 2-year-old daughter can one day benefit from it instead. Bec Vallee was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was 11 and by the time she was 13 her kidneys had completely failed. She then benefited from a life-saving kidney donation from her own mom when she was 17 years old.

The 31-year-old mom from Queensland now needs another kidney donation but has decided to reject the offer from her husband after they discovered her daughter has the same condition.

Bec said she was given the devastating news while she was pregnant with Bo, during her 20-week ultrasound scan. She said: “It was one of those just world rocking moments that changes everything in your life and is not something any parent wants to hear.”

“Knowing that the future your baby will live, is the future that I’m living now, which does have its challenges.” Bec’s decision to refuse the offer of an organ from her husband Ryan now means she has to have renal dialysis three days a week for six hours each time.

“Both of us were looking out for the interests of our child, and wanting the best for her, to give her the best opportunities possible,” Bec’s husband Ryan said.

Bec added: “I’ve had my second chance already once, and I know what it means to be able to walk in and have a live donor and be able to experience that gift of life from a parent. And it made my life possible.” The selfless mom will now join more than a thousand other Australians on an organ donor waiting list.