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North Dakota winning the battle with flu and COVID-19



MINOT, N.D. –The healthcare system in North Dakota is holding well, despite the fact there is a new COVID-19 and Influenza peak.

Even though the peak of Influenza was at the end of December and has been declining ever since, there are still more than 800 new cases reported in the second week of January, as ND Department of Health reported. This season Influenza A is more common.

“The same way that you get COVID you can also get flu, influenza, and we have seen high numbers of influenza both in children and in adults. Some people come in with both COVID and influenza at the same time,” said Dr. Casmiar I. Nwaigwe, infectious disease expert.

Ward County has the third-highest number of cases reported in North Dakota this season, behind Cass and Burleigh.