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North Dakota

Governor Burgum issued an executive order creating a Red Tape Reduction Working Group



Minot, NORTH DAKOTA – According to the state officials, Gov. Burgum created the Red Tape Reduction Working Group to bolster ongoing efforts to identify antiquated, unnecessary and burdensome regulations, rules and policies that could be changed or eliminated to reduce burdens and lower costs for North Dakota citizens and the private sector and make state government more efficient, effective and nimble.

The working group will collaborate across all cabinet agencies and participating non-cabinet agencies to review regulations, restrictions, requirements, red tape and policy that has become outdated, burdensome and inefficient.

Each participating agency will designate a Red Tape Reduction Officer who will report back to the full working group on their progress. The working group will review recommendations for changes to the North Dakota Century Code and state Administrative Code and prepare a comprehensive Red Tape Reduction Act for consideration by the 68th Legislative Assembly in 2023.

Ideas from citizens to reduce red tape will be accepted via the Governor’s Office website.

North Dakota’s more than 150 state-level boards and commissions also will be invited and encouraged to participate.