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The Red River Zoo Celebrates Mother’s Day



FARGO, N.D. — There is a list of things mothers can do today, like eating or seeing a movie, but some mothers chose to visit the zoo.

“Mother’s Day is a popular day and so we just want to celebrate moms and grandmoms everywhere and have them come out to the zoo and enjoy some quality family time together,” The Red River Zoo Director of Business Operations, Jeremiah Gard said.

The Red River Zoo is allowing free admissions to all mothers. It has always been a tradition for families to come out to the zoo on mother’s day.

“Cullen and I like to come every mother’s day. Don’t we? Yes. It’s always fun to start the summer here,” Zoo Visitor, Missie Schumaier said.

Families got the chance to see the different animals at the zoo. Some played at the park. And, when asked what does mother’s day mean to you?

“Oh, man. It’s been such a whirlwind having a baby during the pandemic that I think that just a total transformation of life at this point, so it’s nice to acknowledge it,” Zoo Visitors, Calli Adamson & Andrew Bakken said.

“About loving. Awe. Loving yeah. And giving flowers. Yeah, are we going to give flowers to grandma too? Yes. Mother’s Day is just a special day to bond and relax together,” Zoo Visitor, Cullen Schumaier said.

There’s just one more thing Cullen wants to say to everyone.

“Do you want to say Happy Mother’s Day? Happy Mother’s day!”

The zoo plans on celebrating Father’s Day too soon.