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Officials advise, avoid interaction with wildlife



MINOT, N.D. –The North Dakota Game and Fish is reminding people to stay away from the wildlife in the outdoors.

The animals, from deer to birds, had it rough this year. First the drought, then the rough winter left them exhausted. They hardly advise the people to avoid being active around them.

They are asking the public to not go hunting until spring and to avoid their shelters and habitats while snowmobiling or with other activities.

“Snowshoeing and cross country skiing or even just driving down a gravel road with a herd of deer in front of you. We certainly want people to get out and enjoy those different activities. We need to, just to recognize where wildlife are,” said Greg Gullickson, Minot Outreach biologist.

They remind people that chasing or harassing animals in a motorized vehicle is illegal in North Dakota.