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North Dakota

North Dakota Has Millions In Unclaimed Property, Some May Be Yours?



N.D. – There’s pretty much a website for everything these days, including a state run site that will let you know if you have some rainy day money laying around somewhere.  There is around $58 billion in unclaimed money and property held by states, national agencies, and various organizations.  North Dakota has a small chunk of that money, exceeding $29 million, and if you are a current or a former resident, some of that money could belong to you.

That is right, the Peace Garden State might have something that’s yours.  Each year the state of North Dakota acquires millions of dollars worth of property and other belongings that go unclaimed.

So, what do states do with their unclaimed property?  Absolutely nothing.  It just sits there waiting for you to claim it.  What exactly is all this unclaimed property?  It’s actually a number of things, including inheriting something you don’t know about, unclaimed wages, stocks or bonds, safe deposit boxes, dormant bank accounts, uncashed check and more.  Often times, simply a change in your address can cause one of the items above to happen, according to the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

You know what else is great?  Since this property has belonged to you the whole time, it is not considered taxable income once it’s claimed.  I did a quick search of my families name to see if I have millions laying around somewhere, and absolutely nothing for me.  However, my father has something with a deceased former business partner.  If you would like to see if you have some property belonging to you CLICK HERE.  Just enter your name or business name.