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North Dakota

North Dakota experiencing slight inflation along with the rest of the U.S.



N.D. – You may have noticed your grocery bill is a little more expensive than usual.

It’s because North Dakota is experiencing slight inflation along with every other state in America.

North Dakota’s commerce commissioner says there are a variety of things contributing the rise in prices.

Those include supply chain problems, federal inflows of money and global trade dynamic that were impacted by COVID-19.

State Commerce Commissioner James Leiman says the biggest inflation can be seen in the housing market, supermarkets and retail.

“I would anticipate this to continue for another six to 12 months, even if they shut the taps off for federal programs, just because of the influx in monetary supply,” said Leiman.

Leiman says although we’re experiencing inflation now it’s unclear if this will lead to longer term inflation like back in the 70s or if it will return back to normal at one to two percent a year.