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Giving Hearts campaign coming at crucial time for non-profits



MINOT, N.D. – With the pandemic’s effects still being felt across the globe a year later, many people are in need. It makes non-profits like the YWCA an important aid in helping those who are less fortunate.

Their annual Giving Hearts Day campaign is more important than ever, due to such a high demand in aid. Starting back in 2008, the YWCA is calling upon the people of the Magic City to give back.

For someone who has been on the other side, Kim Ferrara understands the importance of the YWCA to the people of the Magic City.

“It was great. They helped me just get my feet, you know get my head together, my feet on the ground and start over. It was a really good experience for me,” said Ferrara, a former client and current volunteer coordinator.

She added that the YWCA is giving back to those who are in need during the challenging time of a pandemic.

“There are a lot of people that are without a home, or living in their car, or sleeping on friends couches and when they stay with us, they can stay with us to get on their feet, get a job. Without having that worry over their head of where they are going to sleep for the night,” said Ferrara.

Interim Director with the YWCA Liz Larsen explained how the non-profit is facing a serious challenge.

“We have a wait list right now for our emergency shelter. We have had more applicants for our Dakota diaper pantry than ever before, thankfully that is funded right now, but again we don’t know how long,” said Larsen.

That’s why this year’s Giving Hearts Day campaign is essential.

“On Feb. 11 of this year, all day we are going to be trying to raise funds for our emergency homeless shelter, our Dakota diaper pantry, our community closet and our shower program,” Larsen said.

A local business is joining in on the cause.

“Our mission is to make a positive impact on our members, our employees, and our communities and giving back is a really big way of how we can do that,” said Chelsea Gleich, with Town and Country Credit Union.

All showcasing the need for giving back by participating in Giving Hearts Day.