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Wee Links reopens in Minot



MINOT, N.D. – Wee Links is back open in Minot. The golf course for younger enthusiasts had a soft opening for people to come and try it out.

Kids are back on the green at Wee Links. The Minot course is aimed golfers 13 and under.

“My three kids grew up playing a lot of rounds on this little golf course out here so it’s really a gem, and they’ve made some amazing improvements to it now too,” said ORCS Golf Coach Eric Hendrickson.

The old course was flat and not very interesting to look at, or play through, according to those we talked to. “It got a little boring maybe. This golf course will never get boring for the kids, actually I’ve had a lot of adults say, ‘gee I hope we can play it sometime,’” said Steve Kottsick, course manager.

Kottsick said adults can play through if they’re playing with a kid.

“You can tell they’re much more challenging. Lot more fun unless you liked three-putting,” said Hendrickson.

The course was paid for by Minot Junior Golf to save tax payers some money.

The grand re-opening of the course will be on May 22.