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Vietnam Vets Honored At North Dakota Air Museum.



N.D. – For many Vietnam Veterans there are scars that are not from the battlefields or jungles, they’re from the downright disgraceful treatment so many Vietnam Veterans encountered upon returning home. We as a country owe them more.  We owe it to all of our soldiers, that they know we recognize their experiences and sacrifices.  Politics must be put aside, and we all should salute their service.

My girl Brenda’s dad Hank Beck was a tank operator in Vietnam.  His time served during the war affected him both physically and mentally.  He’s in a long battle with throat cancer which most undeniably was caused by the poisons in agent orange a powerful herbicide used widely by the United States in Vietnam.  When Hank first came to visit, I was advised to stay away from any Vietnam talk.  Veterans involved in any conflict do seemed reserved to discuss details, it seems to me that Vietnam Vets are even more reserved.  Over time our conversations got more comfortable and he was able to share some of the situations he faced in battle as well as the day-to-day drudgery.  It was good to hear him open up a bit.

April 24 through April 30, the Fargo Air Museum presents Vietnam Memorial Week. A press release states their will be numerous guest speakers, special exhibits of Vietnam War vehicles and artifacts on display throughout the week.  The speakers will cover a variety of topics such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agent Orange, and Suicide Prevention.

It may be something you’d like to attend with friends or family that were affected directly by war.  Brings the kids- there’ll be a Huey helicopter too!