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Pinkerton Animal Hospital starts new entry policy due to COVID-19



MINOT, N.D. – Pinkerton Animal Hospital is taking steps to help slow down COVID-19.

“If an owner is sick, running a fever, coughing, have shortness of breath or body aches, we would like them to reschedule their appointment. Being in a 12′ x 12′ room does create some proximity issues,” said Dr. Ron Thunshelle, veterinarian.

The types of visits may change in an ever-evolving situation.

“If we start to see more community spread in Ward County and in Minot, we will probably end up seeing just urgent things,” Thunshelle said.

There’s no concern about getting the virus from your pet, so you can continue being a loving owner.

“Nationally there’s [been] animals being dropped off at the shelter for fear that the owner is going to get the virus from the pet, and there’s really no evidence of that at this point in time,” Thunshelle said.

The animal hospital has also discussed delivering pet food and medications out to vehicles or mailing if necessary.