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North Dakota receiving $14.6 million to ramp up vaccine efforts



MINOT, N.D. – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will distribute $3 billion across the country to assist with getting vaccines in arms, and North Dakota will get $14.6 million of that.

According to the state health department’s Division of Disease Control, the money will be used to make sure the state can provide vaccines equally for anyone in need.

Abbi Berg with the division said they will do that through media and education campaigns and extensive local partnerships.

It will also be used to get hire more nurses and start more clinics.

“The focus of the funding will be health equity, so ensuring that the people in North Dakota have equitable and have easy access to COVID-19 vaccines,” said Berg.

Berg said the state legislature is still working to provide authority to spend the money.

Once that is done, she said they will begin assessing how the funding will be distributed.

The legislature is expected to grant that authority soon.

In addition to this aid, the state also recently received $18 million in federal funding to be used to increase COVID-19 testing efforts.