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Minot survey reveals support for recycling program



MINOT, N.D. – The city of Minot has received enough support from a recent survey to move forward with planning a recycling program.

Jason Sorenson presented the recycling survey results to the City Council Monday.

He said 400 Minot sanitation customers were surveyed over the phone and asked if they would participate in a recycling program.

He said 65.25 percent said they would support a recycling program without knowing the cost, and 55.5 percent would still be in favor at a $2 to $3 cost.

The council agreed to move ahead with the program if roughly 31 percent showed support.

“What I would propose is that the staff develop a proposal, a recycling program proposal, for your evaluation. We would develop a cost, what the program would look like, if there is a buy in or opt out, or any number of those types of things,” Minot City Manager Tom Barry said after the presentation.

The program that Sorenson proposed in the past would be voluntary and add about $2 to $3 to a sanitation customer’s utility bill a month.