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Minot Pollinator Project kicks off in spring



MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Pollinator project is seeking improve the community’s biodiversity and create a home for pollinators while educating the public along the way.

The Minot Pollinator Project is in the early stages of funding. Organizers said they want to plant more than 16,000 square feet of pollinator habitat across the Minot community.

The plants will be specific to the needs of common pollinators like months, hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

“We’re seeing lower numbers of these species. They’re losing the plants that they need to survive, so when we plant these gardens with the pollinators in mind it provides habitat so they can feed, they can have their babies,” said Emily Rae Higbee Project Co-Founder and Organizer.

Organizers partnered with Lowe’s garden Center for materials and will work with the city to find places where they can be planted.

The project is volunteer run and Higbee said they hope to start planting in June.

The GoFundMe currently has a goal of $750 which will go towards building a goal of six gardens by the end of the year.

You can donate here, you can also find out more about the project, how to volunteer and stay up to date on the progress here.