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Minot PD requests an increase in the 2021 budget for a new position, as murder rates are at an all-time high



MINOT, N.D. – Minot Police are requesting assistance, in the middle of a record-setting year for crime.

Chief John Klug requested that city council members approve a new Intelligence Analyst position, in the 2021 budget. The job would help look into pre-existing trends happening in the city like drugs and domestic violence. The new position would also help officers make informed decisions during an investigation, and with murder rates at an all-time high, with 5 so far this year, prevention is key.

“If we can start putting pieces of a puzzle together and lead our investigation in a different direction earlier on, hopefully that will help us bring that number down or at least save someone’s life,” said Chief John Klug.

Chief Klug says in 2018, there were no murders, and in 2019 there was 1. If the proposed city budget for next year is approved, Chief Klug says they plan to fill the position early next year.