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Minot city leaders hear recap of legislative decisions that impacted city the most



MINOT, N.D. – Now that the legislative session has come to a close, the Minot City Council received a recap at Monday’s meeting on the decisions from lawmakers that will impact the city the most.

Shane Goettle who lobbied on behalf of the city of Minot gave the presentation.

He spoke on a number of bills that the city opposed like House bill 1182, which would have allowed the option for local officials to designate a political party, and Senate Bill 2270 which would have provided a property tax reduction for individuals over 65.

Both of those bills did not pass.

He also gave an update on how the session impacted the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection project.

“With regards to the Mouse River Enhanced  Flood Protection, we have a guarantee of $74.5 million may apply for funding over this amount,” said lobbyist Shane Goettle.

Lawmakers also decided that the state water commission may not approve state funding in excess of a total of $604 million without legislative approval.