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Minot City Council holds off on recycling decision, for now



MINOT, N.D. – The Minot City Council once again picked up talks of launching a recycling program at Monday night’s meeting.

The city’s Public Works Department discussed the latest progress of the project with the council.

The council voted earlier this year to move forward with plans for recycling following a poll of residents, but it was essentially postponed due to COVID.

Some councilmembers said the program should be kept on hold until July of 2021, when a decision is made on whether or not to relocate the entrance for the city landfill.

“These two discussion items need to be tied together whether or not we are going to continue to invest in this site with a transfer facility, or if we are going to truly look at moving the landfill. We need to have all those things on the table,” said Alderman Paul Pitner.

But other councilmembers wanted to push forward with the project.

“Take a vote one way or the other. Get a recycling program or don’t, but don’t continue deferring this because of x, y and z,” said Alderwoman Carrie Evans.

Ultimately the council decided to get more information on the budget for the program and continue discussion at a future meeting.