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Inmates in North Dakota were qualified to receive the coronavirus vaccine back in February, but not all facilities that housed inmates were offering the vaccine



BISMARCK, N.D. – According to the statement, the Burleigh Morton County Detention Center held its first vaccination clinic.

16 of 21 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation inmates who are scheduled to move to the Department of Corrections were vaccinated.

There has been no coronavirus transmission at the facility since the pandemic began, and while inmates were receptive to initial safety precautions, they had not yet been asking about the vaccine.

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ties in-person visitation with getting vaccinated.

They waited to roll out the vaccine because the department has limited medical resources to address any side-effects and short-stay inmates, added officials.

The Department of Health plans to offer vaccinations to all 260 inmates.

There have been no reports of adverse reactions among the inmates who were vaccinated.