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HS Cross Country: Majettes looking to improve on 4th place finish at state



MINOT, N.D. – The Minot High Girls Cross Country team is looking to carry last year’s success into this season.

“I’m really excited honestly, we’ve all been working really hard and I’ve been training all summer and I am just looking forward to this season as a senior,” adds Brooke Keller.

“I’m really excited, I think we have a good group of girls that are moving and I think it’s going to be a good season,” tells Maliah Burke.

Head Coach Carla Wahlund is going into her 5th season with the team and she returns 24 runners. Coach Wahlund lost 11 seniors from last season but she hopes some of the younger girls will step up.

“A lot of encouragement, a lot of positive feedback to them and the older ones that we do have on the team, they are doing that as well. Also with that confidence-building, they will gradually keep moving up as they should,” explains Head Coach Carla Wahlund

The Majettes Cross Country team won the WDA last season and they know if they want to repeat hard work and dedication will be key.

“Each practice we have to come into practice just giving it our all, working hard each day, and contributing to each individual best efforts and we will take it as it comes,” declares Coach Wahlund.

“We have to get faster everyday with our practices, everyday we are just going to have to keep working harder to get to where we want to be in WDA and state,” declares Burke.

“Sticking to working hard and really making sure to put in those miles and pushing through all of our hardships in the run,” tells Keller.

The Majettes ultimate goal is to improve on their 4th place finish at state but Coach Wahlund also wants the girls to improve their pace.

“Just seeing that progression of their times and also when we race granted each course is different but just improvement in their times, that gives them confidence so in the end, we can really shine,” says Coach Wahlund.

The Majettes travel to Mandan on September 4th.