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Friends and family gather to support Munro family



FARGO, N.D. – Friends and family for Brady Munro gathered outside the Broadway Sanford Medical Center to support the 23-year-old that has been on a ventilator for nearly a month after contracting COVID.

“He isn’t awake at this time to be able to see this along with his dad who’s upstairs as well. And they would be overwhelmed with how many people showed up and that continue to support him and all of our benefits.” Brady’s Aunt Pam Sweeney.

Hope is a unifying force for those that attended as Brady continues to fight the virus. Many of those that were there were wearing ‘Brady Strong’ shirts. According to his Aunt Pam Sweeney, there were only a few shirts at the start when Brady went to the center and now there is close to 1,000 made.

“This opportunity today is really a boost for the family.” said Sanford Health Lead Chaplain Kimberly Riebe.

While the family waits for Brady to get better, other members are picking up the emotional weight.

“I try to stay strong, I can go up to the room with her, I can see Brady and hold his hand, but when I’m done and come down and I sit here I kind of let it out at that time. So she’s going through a very hard time and I know she would do the same for me.” said Sweeney.