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City of Velva working to clean vandalism from park bridge



VELVA, N.D. – Last week a bridge in Velva City Park was vandalized with graffiti.

Park officials said they are already in the process of clearing it up.

The park district also told us the damage was done by a juvenile who was turned in by a parent.

“We’re waiting to meet with this individual, and so we are going to utilize him as part of the clean-up process and make him make it right,” said JP Lohnes Velva Park Board President.

The district said the initial estimate to clean up the damage comes out to $8,000.

“Most likely in an adult court the person, if found guilty, would have to pay restitution for the cleaning of that,” said Lt. Calise Linstrom with the Mchenry County Sheriff’s Office.

This bridge was first built 100 years ago in 1921 and then went through a large renovation in 2019.

“You hate to see something that’s been redone vandalized. It was not something that the town likes to see,” said Lohnes.

Officials said the damage should be completely repaired in the next few weeks.

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office said if there is a case, it will be handled by the Devils Lake Juvenile District Court.