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Assisted living facility suing governor, NDDOH over executive order prohibiting in-house beauty salon



MINOT, N.D. – As the state reports its 15th death, a Minot assisted living facility is suing the Governor and the state Health Department over an executive order that prohibits the use of an in-house beauty salon for its residents.

Somerset Court says the executive order issued last month in response to the coronavirus is “without sufficient justification or rationale.”

It is the first such lawsuit filed against the state related to executive orders dealing with the coronavirus.

“That would be an ongoing lawsuit…so we can’t make any comments to that specifically, but we do understand empathetically, but we also understand that the rate of where we can have the highest and fastest rate of outbreak that could be fatal would be inside of long term care facilities,”said Gov. Doug Burgum.

He went on to say that’s why he has the vulnerable protection plan they’re working on. And we asked, does he expect more?

He said, yes, a legal bonanza.