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Surrounding counties outpacing Ward County in vaccine doses



MINOT, N.D. – Leadership with First District Health Unit says residents in some of the more rural counties it serves have received more first doses of COVID vaccinations than in Ward County.

Currently, about 24% of Ward County residents have received the first dose.

In McHenry County, that number is 26% and in McLean it’s 29%.

In Bottineau, it’s even higher with 33% and in Sheridan, 32.7% have been vaccinated.

Everybody with two doses is right around 20 percent with the one dose, we are anywhere from 25% to 33%. With the rural communities, we have more of the people vaccinated,” said Lacey McNichols, First District Health Unit Immunization Coordinator.

McNichols said that in Ward County 70% of those 75 and older have been vaccinated.

She said more than 62% of adults between 65 to 74 have been vaccinated.