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Police find no evidence of drink spiking in downtown Fargo bars



FARGO, N.D.– While police consider five cases still under investigation, they have not been able to verify that drinks have been laced with drugs at bars in downtown Fargo.

Deputy Chief Joe Anderson said the department has taken several such reports over the past month. “There’s a male, but most of them are women, young women, bars vary, there’s no information, there’s no analysis that shows that any specific type of woman is being targeted, there’s nothing to show that,” said Anderson.

In one case, Anderson said a woman was on medication that specifically cautioned against drinking. Police used security video from inside the bars in some cases to come to their conclusion that there is no evidence of employees or anyone else spiking drinks.

“The video evidence that we’ve reviewed so far doesn’t show doesn’t corroborate that anyone is introducing any drugs into the alcohol,” Anderson added.

As a precaution, police offered tips to bar customers that include watching your drink at all times and not allowing someone you don’t know to order or deliver them to you.

If you or someone you know believe they have been drugged, seek medical attention and contact police immediately.