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North Dakota

North Dakota senators won’t commit to Trump’s relief request



N.D. — North Dakota’s senators declined to say Tuesday whether they will support President Trump’s request to approve $2,000 in COVID-19 relief payments.

Trump recently signed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package that provides stimulus payments of $600. He also made it clear to lawmakers that he wants the individual payments increased to $2,000.

Republican Sen. John Hoeven said he’s mulling over the change.

“We worked hard to provide targeted COVID-19 relief that includes important priorities for North Dakota, and we are now evaluating the proposal for $2,000 stimulus checks as part of what additional help should be provided” Hoeven said in a statement to KVRR-TV.

The House earlier approved the $2,000 payments, but the legislation stalled in the Senate, where some Republicans have been reluctant to support Trump’s request.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer didn’t immediately say whether he plans to support the president’s proposal.