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ND-based Farm Rescue is showcased on BYUtv show



MINOT, N.D.— North Dakota-based Farm Rescue is featured on a TV show as the nonprofit brings awareness to the work it does for farmers.

“Making Good is a TV series through BYUTV. Basically, the concept of the show is a lot like Dirty Jobs, if you’ve seen that, but the host is kind of quirky, kind of funny….But, he goes around the country and volunteers for different non-profits. Along the line, they have come across Farm Rescue sometime and contacted us and asked if they could come out and feature us on one of their episodes,” Farm Rescue Program Manager Dan Erdman said.

Comedian Kirby Heyborne hops on a plane to Minot to give Farm Rescue a helping hand. Kirby throws on his overalls and begins his day by meeting a ranch family.

“Without Farm Rescue saving our crop, there’s no harvest at the end and there’s no income. So, it was huge that Farm Rescue stepped in to help us,” Farmer Nikki Johansen said.

After talking to families, Kirby gets down to work. He feeds the cows and he even got the chance to…

“I drove a combine. I drove a combine!” Kirby shouted.

Once all the work is done, Kirby surprises everyone with a performance.

“It was just a great song. It summed up a lot of what we felt through this whole process that the hope is there and we hope others can see it,” Wife of a Farmer Mrs. Newman said.

The Newman Family was Farm Rescue’s 700th farm family assistance.