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North Dakota

Movie to be filmed in North Dakota about Charles Bannon murder case



N.D. – When you think of the film industry, North Dakota may not come to mind but a couple of local filmmakers are trying to change that.

Sunday, people auditioned in Bismarck for End of the Rope, a movie based on the real life lynching of Charles Bannon who was accused of killing six people in Schafer, North Dakota in the 1930′s. One producer says this is the first step to bringing the movie industry to the state.

”So it’s really exciting for us. We’ve done a couple films here in North Dakota before but nothing at this scale. So we’re really excited to bring local film production, do it here in North Dakota and use North Dakota talent,” said End of the Rope producer Haylie Flesness.

Daniel Bielinski the producer and writer and Minneapolis based director Charlie Griak say they plan to build a small town set in Watford City for a movie.