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Minot State University’s baseball team out on the diamond a little early — thanks to warm weather



MINOT, N.D. – Everyone seems to be taking advantage of this warm weather, including the Minot State Beavers baseball team.

They’re out on the diamond at Corbett Field to get in some early practice that they normally wouldn’t. They usually don’t get outside until early April.

Head baseball coach Scott Eul says although they have a nice indoor facility, nothing compares to being outside.

He says catching pop-flies, fielding a ground ball and pitching are different in the open air.

“They’re pretty excited and it’s really on our practice, practicing anyways right now, so they’ve got a little bit of energy so it’ll be good for us to get outside and burn a little bit of that before we go back inside. So, they’re pretty fired up and I’m pretty excited to see what they bring today,” Eul said.

Minot State’s first game is Feb. 15 in Oklahoma.