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Minot State University keeping its food pantry full for those on campus during break



MINOT, N.D. – In 2019, the Association of American Colleges and Universities conducted a survey which found that 24 percent of students at four-year institutions faced food insecurity. Meaning, they don’t have consistent access to enough food.

At Minot State University, a food pantry sponsored by the college is doing its part to combat this issue.

Over the holiday break, some students and staff are staying on campus with limited dining resources and staff say filling those gaps is important.

A recent grant allowed the food pantry to be restocked, which helps keep all of those on campus happy and healthy.

“If a student or even a faculty or staff can run to the food pantry and grab whatever they need to help get them through the week or til their next paycheck that’s really helpful,” Deacon of Minot State Lutheran Campus Ministries Anna Dykeman said.

Dykeman says there also been holding food drives to help provide supplies.