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Minot State students collect books for Project Armchair



MINOT, N.D. – Project Armchair gives books to children who are in crisis. This can include those who are homeless or hospitalized. The organization is now expanding to help children whose parents and loved ones are incarcerated.

Visiting loved ones in a correctional facility is not always the most inviting experience for young ones. By giving the child a book and having their incarcerated family member read to them, it helps strengthen their relationship and create a positive experience.

“It doesn’t just benefit the child, it benefits both of them because as you are talking about the book and the child is asking questions. You’re laughing about the funny parts. Your relationship is growing,” said Vonda Dahl, Project Armchair’s founder.

The Minot State University Criminal Justice Club is taking part in the project, setting up their own book drop off boxes around campus.

“As a CJ club, we try to get involved with the community, we try to fundraise and stuff. For us, we want to make an impact on people and knowing that we can make can impact on these kids and these families who we don’t even know it feels great to do that,” said Sami Jo Henry MSU’s Criminal Justice Club’s President.

The book drop off sites on campus are at the old main building and the administration building. The final day to drop them off is May 7.