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Minot International Airport receiving federal aid as air travel plummets amid COVID-19



MINOT, N.D. – Minot International Airport is one of thousands of airports that will be receiving a cut of $10 billion from the CARES act Airport Grant program.

Minot received more than $2.7 million to replace lost revenue from the decline in passengers due to COVID-19.

The FAA also upped funding for capital projects in 2020 to 100 percent, meaning the City of Minot will no longer have to pay a quarter of a million dollars for the approved plans of reconstructing the cargo and general aviation ramps.

The airport’s director Rick Feltner said it comes at a much-needed time.

“That’s $250,000 that the city was planning on spending at the airport which they won’t have to do now. And that will be very helpful for the city as they go through the exercise of figuring out what projects take priority,” Feltner said.

Funding will also go toward operational costs of the airport until business returns to normal.

The FAA encourages airport sponsors to spend the funds immediately to help limit the negative effects of the current health emergency.