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Minot food truck owner gives free meals to healthcare workers



MINOT, N.D. – Healthcare workers have been on the front lines since the beginning of the pandemic. So to show his appreciation, a Minot-based food truck owner decided to say thank you — one meal at a time.

Rasheed Powell loves food. Not just for the taste, but because of the love it brings to other people.

“Food brings people together you know. This is some good stuff in here,” said Powell.

So he’s found a way to keep that passion going all while giving back.

Powell is the owner of Ziggy’s Caribbean Cuisine. He says many in the community have supported his business, including healthcare workers, and now he’s returning the favor.

Powell added, “COVID is hitting everyone across the state and we are just trying to help out.”

He and his partner, Jason, prepared over 20 meals for nurses at Trinity emergency room on Wednesday. Rasheed says giving back has always been important to him, and considering everything frontline workers see, an authentic Caribbean meal was the least he could do.

“I know the nurses don’t have to go out and get lunch because of COVID and they still have so much they have to deal with,” added Powell.

And he’s right.

“Our numbers fluctuate in a moment. There are many times that we order food and we think we are going to have time to eat and then something critical comes in,” said Shandel Grogan, nurse at Trinity.

That’s why Grogan says she’s grateful — both for Powell’s generosity and for bringing it to the hospital for them to enjoy.

“It means a lot to us. It means we have a whole community that is there to support us and back us,” said Grogan.

And it shows that a small act of kindness can help people through the toughest times.

Powell says he’s not done spreading the love yet. He plans to give meals to the Minot Fire and Police Departments as well.