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Minot Blood Bank sees donor shortage



MINOT, N.D. – Blood banks across the nation are facing an urgent need for blood donors.

A harsh flu season as well as coronavirus concerns has led to a decrease in the number eligible blood donors.

Local blood bank Vitalant has had to adopt tougher screening measures, including excluding those who have been to certain countries like Italy or China.

Vitalant Donor Recruiter Teresa Johnson says those who think they have been exposed to the flu or showing minor symptoms are also being asked not to donate.

“When you do come in to donate the number one question we’re going to ask you is are you feeling one hundred percent today? If you’re not feeling one hundred percent then we’re going to ask you not to donate until your health does improve,” Johnson said.

The company typically needs to have at least 250 donors a day, seven days a week to keep up with basic health needs.

They would also like to assure potential donors that they maintain sanitary conditions throughout the process and donating blood does not increase your chance of getting the virus.