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Minot Area Council of the Arts continues to fund projects



MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Area Council of the Arts is giving local artists and projects another opportunity to fund their work.

After providing 17 grants worth $500 to help members recover from pandemic impacts they will be expanding the applicants eligible in round two.

The Minot Area Council of the Arts said new members and community projects will be eligible for the next round of grant opportunities.

The second round of grants will be available to support new members joining this year, and community projects working in collaboration with existing MACA members.

Amounts will vary based on the number and type of applications and the scope of the projects.

“The parameters we have set is the recovery grants are going to be up to $500 like the first round. Some of the community project grants we’re allowing up to $700, ” said Executive Director Justin Anderson.

The nonprofit will be accepting grant applications until March 21.