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North Dakota

Milton Young Towers getting major upgrades starting March 1



N.D. – After nearly 50 years, a low-income housing structure is getting major upgrades.

Milton Young Towers in Minot has 221 units in the 15-story building.

216 of them are single-bedroom with only five, two-bedroom apartments available.

During construction, some of the one-bedroom units will be combined to make 18 more two-bedroom apartments.

The maintenance director says there is a need in the community for those bigger spaces.

“Years ago when the oil boom and the flood, our rents sky-rocketed and stuff. They’re slowing coming down and we’re even seeing it now with covid. People are losing their jobs and stuff and they just don’t have the means to pay full rent on the open market,” said Kerry Candrian.

The bathrooms, floors and paint will also be updated.

Construction begins March 1 and is expected to be wrapped up by the end of 2022.