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Federal government authorizes Minot’s flood control project to use federal funding



MINOT, N.D. – On Monday, the federal government authorized Minot’s flood control project to use federal funding for its fourth phase. But, that doesn’t mean funding is coming any time soon or necessarily at all.

The fourth phase is the Maple diversion channel and levees north of city hall.

Ryan Ackerman from the Souris River Joint Board says the board is trying to get the design and phases of the construction into the Corps. of Engineers annual work plan.

“Now that the project has been authorized by congress, it is technically eligible for federal funding and maybe there are other avenues of funding that are going to emerge in the form of an infrastructure bill or stimulus bill in the future. So, this opens up doors for us, but it doesn’t necessarily deliver the funding next month to build the project,” Ackerman said.

He says the design will be complete in 2021, and construction will start as soon as funding is available.