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Closer look at whether mask mandates impact drop in COVID numbers



MINOT, N.D. – COVID positives in the state of North Dakota and in Ward County are steadily trending downward.

This comes roughly two months after Minot’s citywide mask mandate went in place.

Health officials said it takes typically six weeks or more after residents comply with mitigation measures to see results.

State Epidemiologist Tracy Miller said the reason for the decline could hinge on a number of factors including mitigation efforts.

She also explained why it takes time to see results from the mandate.

“A mask mandate is put into place and people that are infected prior to that could possibly still show symptoms so it could take a while before the effects of the mandate or any other social distancing measure any other mitigation strategy could show a decrease,” said Miller.

Miller urges the public to remain vigilant despite the trend and to keep following the health and safety guidelines.