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Burlington students support Salvation Army, Blessed Pets



MINOT, N.D. – Students at Burlington Elementary School donated to two different charitable organizations in Minot.

The school’s students often give back to the community in February.

This year they chose to give to the Minot organization Blessed Pets.

“I thought it would be a good idea because they are animals,” said 6th grade student Jedah Allan.

“It means that you’re saving lives basically,” said 5th grade student Maverick Trowbridge.

The students collected 450 cans of pet food.

Organizers said the gift was a complete surprise.

“We were overwhelmed. It was just amazing that the students here at this elementary school thought about us,” said Blessed Pets Co-Creator Toby Phillips.

They also donated $2,250 to the Minot Salvation Army.

“It’s just amazing that these kids would get together and do this, and the possibilities are endless with this kind of money that’s given,” said Capt. John Woodward of the Minot Salvation Army.

Woodward said the money will be used to support the Salvation Army Food Pantry as well as utilities and other services they offer.

Both organizations said the pandemic has been rough on families in the area and these donations make a huge difference in the community.