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“Blessed Pets” In Minot Helps Struggling Families Feed Their Pets



MINOT, N.D. – For nearly a year, the coronavirus pandemic has made life harder for almost everyone. Many families have struggled to pay bills and keep food on the tables because of the new “way of the world.” But what about pets who may be losing out on meals because of financial struggles?

A couple named Emma and Toby Philips understand how expensive pet food is and have struggled to feed their own animals during the pandemic. KFYR-TV reports that the couple was down to their last $50 when they bought a bag of pet food and made-up cards to promote their nonprofit brainchild, Blessed Pets. And now, they are helping feed pets in need in the Minot area.

With the financial devastation caused by pandemic shutdowns, people are leaning on each other now more than ever. Thank goodness for the selfless people who see a need and work to fulfill it. The Philips family has worked to help others, even when they were the ones struggling.

There may not be a ton of options for help with pets in North Dakota – our state not all that pet friendly, unfortunately. But there are ways to get help, even if you don’t have access to a place like Blessed Pets. Facebook groups like Bismarck People’s Helping Hands and other pages are great places to reach out for help – even with pet food!